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Claudia Dean provides a unique opportunity to be coached and trained by a former professional ballet dancer; offering a first-hand experience at an elite level that informs every aspect of her training and education from beginners through to aspiring professionals.

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We are excited to announce that Claudia Dean Coaching will be touring worldwide to give each dancer from around the world the opportunity to attend ‘Class with Claudia’.

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I am a lecturer in teacher education and in my experience it’s a rare thing to find a ‘natural’ teacher. I think Claudia is one of those rare gems. It’s a pleasure to be able to write this testimonial. Claudia has an extraordinary gift for teaching. She skillfully identifies corrections, gives immediate, clear direction and feedback for improvement and recommends exercises for ongoing improvement. Claudia’s nurturing and genuine encouragement allows dancers to feel a sense of accomplishment each lesson.  My dancer simply adores her time with Miss Claudia.

Gina Blackberry

Claudia Dean's natural ability to use positive reinforcement to inspire the student and ignite a deep love for the art of ballet in their soul makes her a truly unique ballet teacher. Her personal experiences as a dancer on the international competition circuit and at the Royal Ballet have well equipped Claudia to tackle any issues young dancers may throw her way. Claudia's attention to detail coupled with her infectious positivity reap fantastic results with her students as they develop artistic maturity, technique and passion.   Under Claudia's exclusive tuition, my daughter Talia Fidra was awarded a Genee Medal and direct entry to the Royal Ballet School.  I highly recommend Claudia Dean Coaching to any aspiring young ballet dancers.

Sasha Fidra

After 2 years at an all-round dance school, my daughter wanted something extra to add to her dance program and thank goodness we found Claudia Dean Coaching.  In only a couple of months, my 10-year-old daughter's level of technique and confidence in ballet has grown rapidly.  It's truly beautiful to see the love Claudia has for dance come through in my daughter. I believe Claudia is an absolute asset to my daughter's progression in dance and I look forward to seeing where my daughter's journey in dance takes her with Claudia's training and guidance.

Mel Woods

We feel so privileged to have Claudia provide our son Harry classical ballet coaching. She is an outstanding dancer, coach, mentor & inspiration. Claudia has an immense depth of technical, artisitc and industry knowledge which she shares in the most wonderfully positive and uplifting manner. Our son Harry is thriving physically, emotionally and mentally under Claudia’s professional guidance. We are forever grateful and are excited for their journey ahead together.

Sharyn Johnston

Lucinda and I were impressed at how perceptive and quick Claudia was able to identify areas for improvement. Her tips and tricks were effective and enabled significant improvement in a very short time frame. Her personal approach and genuine desire to see students excel is her greatest asset, alongside her obvious expertise and experience.

Rose-Marie Van Raad

Travelling monthly from Sydney as you can imagine I need to see a benefit to my dancer to justify the time/money. Claudia not only gives exceptional technical coaching she does it with positive reinforcement at all times making the lessons enjoyable as well as beneficial. Each session is different and coached from the heart not just a book or DVD which is evident from the energy in the room. But also just as important is the line of communication she welcomes from my dancers regular teacher/School so everyone works together not against each other.

Laura Marriott